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   abstract = {Author SummaryHuman epidermal keratinocyte differentiation provides a highly suitable system to understand how progenitor cells become specialized. Previous work has implicated resolution of repressive histone modifications in the activation of the terminal differentiation gene expression program. Our work shows that this mechanism only accounts for the regulation of a subset of the differentiation gene expression program and that activating histone modifications by Trithorax chromatin modifiers, acting alone or in combination with the release from repressive chromatin changes, is essential. Furthermore, we show that the Trithorax complex is recruited to a subset of differentiation gene promoters by the transcription factor Grhl3, an evolutionarily conserved regulator of the epidermal differentiation program. Altered differentiation is characteristic for several skin diseases, including skin cancer and inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis. While genetic abnormalities play a role in these diseases, the cellular and macro-environment may also alter the course of these diseases through chromatin changes (epigenetics). Understanding the epigenetic regulation of keratinocyte differentiation may in the future lead to the development of new drugs for skin diseases.},
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