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When conferences go virtual by Crista Lopes

(original article from the OC Register)
I’ve seen the future of conferences. And it runs my code!

I had an amazing experience recently. I went to the first OpenSimulator Community Conference, which I helped organize. “Went” is not quite right, but it’s not wrong either. Physically, I didn’t go anywhere other than my home office: the conference was held in a virtual environment. Mentally, however, I went to this conference, almost as intensely as any conference I’ve ever attended. I was an organizer, a speaker and a participant, and I felt myself in those roles just as strongly as I did in other conferences I helped organize. I stressed out over technical and organizational glitches, focused intensely when giving my talks, and I gained inspiration from others’ talks. I enjoyed visiting the sponsor displays and finding out more about them. Read more here.