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2014 Opportunity Awards

Congratulations to the IGB members winning this year's CCBS Opportunity Awards competition based on the theme of Big Data!

Title: Prediction of complex developmental phenotypes using multiple data types Participants: Daniel Newkirk, Kyoko Yokomori / Phoebe Valdes, Anne Calof / Yi Li, Xiaohui Xie

Title: Multi-scale reconstruction of the early embryo: imaging and modeling Participants: Huijing Du/William Holmes/Qing Nie/Soledad Mocel/Ken Cho

Title: Large-scale spatiotemporal network analysis of cortical neuronal circuit connections Participants: Tian Hong, Qing Nie/Taruna Ikrar/Xiangmin Xu

Title: High-throughput data acquisition for large data set analysis of the spatiotemporal dynamics of chromatin organization: Interplay between transcription and DNA repair Participants: Paolo Annibale/Enrico Gratton/Xianduo Kong/Kyoko Yokomori