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Transposable Elements (Mobile DNA Symposium)

< The symposium will include discussion of DNAs that mobilize to cause surface antigenic variation in bacteria, retroelements that cause mutations in human germline DNA, cut and paste DNA elements used in genetic engineering and elements in yeast and plants that by accumulating in specific regions may drive chromosomal function itself and even ribozymes that occur in viruses as well as host genomes. The Mobile DNA Symposium will feature two outside speakers, Dr. John Moran, U. Michigan and Dr. Peter Atkinson, U. Riverside. Dr. Moran studies human LINE element mobility in embryonic cells and Dr. Atkinson studies applications of hAT DNA cut and paste elements in genetic engineering. However, a major goal of the Symposium is to bring together for the first time, faculty from UCI who study transposable elements in bacteria, yeast, mosquitoes, plants, and the test tube! We hope to see you there

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