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Cristina Lopes speaks at Intel CTO keynote address

Cristina Lopes, Associate Professor of Informatics participated as a guest speaker in the keynote address at SuperComputing '09 in Portland Oregon. The Keynote was delivered by Justin Rattner, CTO of Intel. Lopes was a guest at Rattner's keynote, in her role as one of the main architects of OpenSim.

Justin Rattner's opening keynote address at SuperComputing'09 message addressed how the super-computing industry has stagnated, and the only thing that will save it from collapse is a drastic change on what people think of as "super-computing." Other guests were Aaron Duffy, a biology researcher at Utah State University, and Shenlei Winkler, CEO of the Fashion Design Institute.

Lopes' research is related to languages and communication systems. The ultimate goal of her research is to deepen the knowledge about communication, in particular in systems that involve humans and machines. With this utopic goal in mind, she has done work in a variety of fields such as programming languages, security and applications of audio signal processing.