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Course Requirements for BIT trainees who entered the program before AY06-07

To be completed by the third year of training:

EEB 207 Quantitative Methods in Biology. Statistics for biologists. Emphasis on specific applications and underlying assumptions rather than on methods of calculation. Topics include experimental design, parametric and nonparametric methods, analysis of variance and covariance, and multiple regression. Open to graduate students only.

ICS 21: Introduction to Computer Science. Introduces fundamental concepts related to computer software design and construction. Develops initial design and programming skills using a high-level programming language (primarily C++/Java). Introduces useful computer-based tools for analysis, expression, and discovery.

ICS 184: File and Database Management.
Database system architecture--data structures, storage structures, and data languages. Alternate approaches to database management systems: relational approach, hierarchical approach, network approach. Database security and integrity. Query processing.

ICS 284A: Representations & Algorithms for Molecular Biology. Introduction to computational methods in molecular biology. Computational approaches to understanding and predicting the structure, function, interactions, and evolution of DNA, RNA, proteins, and related molecules and processes.

ICS 284B: Probabilistic modeling of Biological Data. A unified Bayesian probabilistic framework for modeling and mining biological data. Applications range from sequence (DNA, RNA, proteins) to gene expression data. Graphical models, Markov models, stochastic grammars, structure prediction, gene finding, evolution, DNA arrays, single- and multiple-gene analysis.
ICS 284C Computational Systems Biology. Computational inference and modeling of gene regulation networks, signal transduction pathways, and the effects of regulatory networks in cellular processes, development, and disease. Introduction of required mathematical, computational, and data handling tools. Prerequisites: ICS 277A or 277B.
ICS 209: Seminar in Informatics in Biology and Medicine. Current research and research trends in bioinformatics and medical informatics. Forum for presentation and criticism by students of recently published research and work in progress.

BC 210: Medical Biochemistry. Lectures and seminars. Biological chemistry for first-year medical and graduate students. Presents the metabolism and molecular biology relevant to human health and disease that form the foundation of medical science for the next century

*Appropriate Electives:

ICS 274:
ICS 276A:
ICS 276C:
ICS 278:
DCB 210:
DCB 231B:
DCB 231D:
BC 207:
EE 251:

Probabilistic Learning - Theory and Algorithms
Neural Networks
Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience
Data Mining
Developmental Genetics
Cell Biology
Cellular & Developmental Neurobiology
Advanced Molecular Genetics
Molecular Evolutionary Methods

*See the UCI General Catalog for additional course offerings in the Schools of Biological and Physical Sciences, the School of Medicine, and the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences.