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The Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics conducts research in all areas at the intersection of the life-and computational sciences, including: sequence analysis, protein structure and function prediction; molecular simulations and docking; computational drug screening and design; comparative genomics; regulatory genomics; analysis of high-throughput data, such as DNA microarray data and high-throughput sequencing data; mathematical modeling of biological systems; integrative systems biology; and their applications to clinical and translational science.

The Institute provides a number of services for universities, companies, and other organizations and has developed widely used databases, software, and web servers in chemoinformatics, genomics, proteomics, and systems biology.

The UCI Genomics High-Throughput Facility provides genome-wide analysis for clients interested in gene expression, regulation of gene expression, and genome sequence and variation.

Verdezyne, Inc. is a synthetic biology company in Carlsbad CA. It has obtained licenses from the University of California Irvine for the commercialization, and pioneering, of DNA assembly and protein expression technologies developed by the IGB. Other IGB/UCI life science technologies are available to be licensed for industry applications.

For information, please contact: igb-license [at] ics [.] uci [.] edu