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AGNS: Arabidopsis GeneNet Supplementary Database
ChemDB: Database of molecular compounds for chemical informatics, in silico synthesis, docking, and virtual screening.

Yeast database and visualization tool combining gene (SGD), gene ontology (GO), and gene interaction information (GRID).

ICBS: Database of protein-protein interactions mediated by inter-chain beta sheets.
iPubMed Search: Fuzzy and interactive search of biomedical literature (PubMed).
MITOMAP: Human mitochondrial genome database.
PPDB: Poxvirus proteomics database (formerly VACDB).
Hydra EST Database: This website contains a variety of datasets, analyses, and resources pertaining to the Hydra EST Project.
Sigmoid Database: Database for molecular interactions and pathways (Systems Biology).
Yarrowia lipolitica: Yarrowia lipolitica Strain W29/CLIB89 Genome Assembly & Annotations

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