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Structural Proteomics

SSpro: Prediction of protein secondary structure.
ACCpro: Prediction of relative solvent accessibility.
DIpro: Prediction of disulphide bridges.
MUpro: Prediction of how single amino acid mutations affect stability.
DISpro: Prediction of disordered regions.
DOMpro: Prediction of domains.
BETApro: Prediction of beta-residue and beta-strand pairings.
CMAPpro: Prediction of amino acid contact maps.
FOLDpro: Prediction of protein tertiary structure (Fold Recognition).
3Dpro: Prediction of protein tertiary structure (Ab Initio).
TMBpro: Prediction of transmembrane beta-barrel features and tertiary structure.
SVMcon: Prediction of amino acid contact maps using Support Vector Machines.
SELECTpro: Protein model selection using a structure-based energy function.
SOLpro: Prediction of protein solubility.
SIDEpro Prediction of protein side-chain conformations.

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