Tools and Databases

The Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics conducts research in all areas at the intersection of the life-and computational sciences, including:

  • Sequence analysis, protein structure and function prediction;
  • Molecular simulations and docking;
  • Computational drug screening and design;
  • Comparative genomics;
  • Regulatory genomics;
  • Analysis of high-throughput data, such as DNA microarray data and high-throughput sequencing data;
  • Mathematical modeling of biological systems;
  • Integrative systems biology and their applications to clinical and translational science.


The Institute provides a number of services for universities, companies, and other organizations and has developed widely used databases, software, and web servers in:

The UCI Genomics High-Throughput Facility provides genome-wide analysis for clients interested in gene expression, regulation of gene expression, and genome sequence and variation.

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